Adult Education


VENS is establishing an Adult Education Program for men and women who come from multi-generational poverty contexts. Many of these adults face workplace barriers such as criminal background, discrimination, lack of High School Diploma or GED. Our goal is to help these students gain the education, information, and confidence to become successful participants in the community and their families.

Adult Education allows people to have an opportunity to continually learn and develop their skills and capacities. Not only does education stimulate the economy, it also ensures that the children of these adults will develop a love of learning and understand the impact that education has.

It is statistically proven that those who actively participate in their own communities tend to:

* Support and respect people with different cultural beliefs and abilities
* Respect and protect the environment for future generations
* Nurture creativity and imagination
* Live healthy and fulfilled lives

Our Director of Adult Education is Antwoine Clark. He has been involved with adult education for the past 6 years with certifications in job readiness and financial literacy training. Antwoine has had the opportunity to train individuals from multiple states to lead such courses in their hometowns.

We offer courses in:

* Job Readiness
* Financial Literacy
* Computer Literacy

Our computer lab allows us to give students optimal access to the internet for job seeking, email communication, banking, and staying current with opportunities in the community.

We are excited to acknowledge our newly formed partnerships with:

* John Francisco of Chick-fil-A
* Steve Wisner of Break Through Technology
* First Choice IT Group
* Mark Lafhameyer of TechNation

These organizations have been gracious enough with donations of goods and services that has been beneficial with the completion of our computer lab.